Artist Talk on Tuesday the 29th 7-9:30pm

Added on by Stephanie Calvert.

I'm thrilled to be participating in an artist talk at the Default World Dreaming show, currently on display at Gallery 151. We will be gathering this night for an artist talk. Each artist will be giving a short explanation of their piece and the curators will provide a rationale as to how each piece tells the story of Default World Dreaming. Paricpating artists include:
Tex Allen, Peter Armenia, Robbie and Robert Bailey, Lana Briscella, Stephanie Calvert, Jaime Chaves, Isabeau Derigo, Sidney Earthal, Justin Eastman, Taki Fey, Kat Green, Harry Gold, Jeremiah Johnson, Taylor Kuffner, Morgan Lappin, Scott London, Ted Nemeth, Michael Robinson, Kenny Ray Scallion, James Vogel

I hope you can make it! Here is a link for the fb event