2008               BA, Art Studio, Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT.

                        Graduated with Honors from the Department of Art.


Solo Shows:

2015                  Shame to Pride Exhibition, Gallery 51 Orchard, Manhattan, NY

2015                  Shame to Pride Exhibition, Rabbithole Gallery, Dumbo, NY

2013                  Jem Starr Exhibition, The Lounge, Manhattan, NY

2008                  Scintillate, My Moon, Brooklyn, NY

Group Shows:


First Summer Salon Show, Greenpoint Gallery, Brookyn, NY

Dissilience, Rabbithole Gallery, Dumbo, NY


Gold Rush, fundraiser for Corridor Gallery, Brooklyn, NY


Signs of Life, Corridor Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Default World Dreaming, Gallery 151, Manhattan, NY

The Last Brucennial, Private space, Manhattan, NY


Art From the Heart, Vanderbilt Republic, Brooklyn, NY

Alumni Show II, Zilka Gallery, Middletown, CT

En Masse-Raw Artists, OutPut, Brooklyn, NY

The Story of the Creative, Angel Orensanz Foundation, Manhattan, NY


Cardinal Convergence, Harmony Gallery, Stony Brook, NY

Art and Harmony, Private loft, Manhattan, NY

Groundbreaking, Safe Harbor Loft, Manhattan, NY

Brucennial, Private Space, Manhattan, NY


Art for Soul: Kenya, Gallery Bar, Manhattan, NY

Art for Soul: Japan, AGallery, Manhattan, NY


Remote, M55 Gallery, Queens, NY

Bare, Brooklyn Artists Gym, Brooklyn, NY

Cavort Collaboration, Private Loft, Brooklyn, NY

Bioluminescence, Queen of Hearts, Manhattan, NY

Transmutation, Private Warehouse, Brooklyn, NY


Open House, Brooklyn Artists Gym, Brooklyn, NY